Office of Student Life

Ohio Union

About the Ohio Union

Our Mission

As a landmark facility honoring university tradition, the Ohio Union provides a welcoming environment for the Ohio State community and guests. Our events team creates memorable experiences and provides excellent guest services with a focus on student learning and development.

Our Vision

Built on a foundation of innovation, the Ohio Union is a premier venue that meets the changing needs of the college student by serving as a timeless center of activity, community dialogue and learning.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: We foster an environment where all are welcomed and affirmed in a diverse community.

Learning: We celebrate opportunities for self-discovery and the ongoing development of our students, staff and guests.

Innovation: We create new and memorable experiences through continuous improvement as our guests redefine their own boundaries.

Teamwork: We leverage individual strengths and team accountability to provide excellent experiences for clients, colleagues and guests.

Tradition: We instill a sense of Ohio State spirit and identity in all who gather and engage in our community.

Watch the following videos for a glimpse inside the Ohio Union and to learn more about what happens here.