The Ohio Union

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Ohio Union Security Office

The Ohio Union security office is located at the loading dock. The security staff at the Ohio Union works in conjunction with Student Life Risk and Emergency Management, The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety and other local authorities. Additionally the Ohio Union has a satellite office for Department of Public Safety with officers dedicated to the Ohio Union and the South Area Corridor.


The security office will serve as the entry point for building staff and event driven vendors such as bands, djs and florists. Additionally persons who schedule appointments to see management for in-house maintenance, housekeeping and foodservice will need to check into the security office. To gain entry into the building, one will need to provide a valid photo identification and will be provided a visitor badge to access the building. Anyone caught not complying with this policy will be asked to leave the building and future visitation privileges will be revoked by the Shipping/Receiving/Security Manager. All employees are required to carry their BuckIDs with them at all times.


Concealed firearms are prohibited in any University building, according to Ohio Revised Code.

Homeland Security

The Ohio Union fosters the same guidelines as the entire University in regards to Homeland Security. It is our intent to ensure all clients and guests that we will maintain appropriate levels and safety.

Fire Emergencies

We have set in place the latest fire and smoke detection systems. Our security team is able to monitor these systems. Should one of the systems be activated, our security team along with building management will guide guests of the building to several exit points in the building.

Power Failure

While it is highly unlikely that the facility would suffer from a power outage, in the event that power to the building has been compromised the Ohio Union has a diesel powered generator to back up many facility systems. The capacity of the generator should support the needs of those using the facility and should not be affected.

OSU Police

The University Police Division has officers specifically assigned to the Union and South Campus High Street area. Their office is located in the Department of Public Safety satellite office Room 1186 in office suite A.  The Police Division has a community policing philosophy with the goals of 1) establishing positive contacts and relationships with those we serve; 2) identifying real and/or perceived problems that exist; and 3) developing programs which aid in the resolution of identified problems.  University Police use various modes of transportation to patrol the Union, including bicycles, as well as on foot.  Officers may be contacted by calling the Communications Center at 292-2121.  In an emergency dial 9-1-1.