Standards of Excellence




The Standards of Excellence, along with its goals, were developed by the Greek Life Task Force who, in 1998, was asked by the Office of Student Life to assess and recommend improvements for Ohio State’s Greek Community. The Greek Life Task Force set the Standards of Excellence, which went into effect March 9, 2001, as a plan to improve the condition of the Greek community. Since inception, chapters are required to establish a Chapter Plan and each year must provide written reports detailing their progress in a Chapter Annual Report.

In effort to improve the quality of life for students within the Greek community, the Standards of Excellence strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Strive to achieve an academic standard, with a minimum GPA of 2.50, for all chapters and new members and to make, on a chapter basis, the all-undergraduate average.
  • Continue in member and organizational growth, including diversity education, risk management education, and community service opportunities. Member
  • Provide safe and healthy organization environments through structural improvement in chapter facilities and improved risk management procedures.
  • Maintain a strong and connected Greek community.
  • Recruit a wide variety of advisors from the university and community, ensuring they have completed the Advisor Certification Program.
  • Continue improving the relationship between the university and the Greek community.

If any of these goals are not met, the chapter may be called before the Greek Progress Review Board.

Purpose and Responsibilities of the Greek Progress Review Board

The Greek Progress Review Board is responsible for holding each chapter accountable to the Standards of Excellence. It has nine members including the presidents of IFC, PHA, NPHC, and MCGC, two Greek alumni, and one Ohio State faculty of staff member. A Sorority and Fraternity Life staff member will serve as the coordinator and chairperson of the Board and the Greek Intern will serve as the recorder. A reasonable number of Board alternates will be selected and trained with Sorority and Fraternity Life staff. The Office of Student Conduct, as well as any other group deemed relevant by the Sorority and Fraternity Life, will consult on training the Board.

In order to ensure each chapter is meeting the Standards of Excellence, every chapter is required to establish a Chapter Plan and detail their progress towards their plan in a yearly Chapter Annual Report. Sorority and Fraternity Life staff will review each chapter’s Chapter Plans, reporting any inconsistencies between a chapter’s goal statement and its actual behavior to the Board. If a conflict of interest arises, in which a case involves an affiliation with a member of the Board, that member is to excuse his or herself an alternate would take that person’s places.

The Board strives to make the directives and decision for chapters facilitative, rather and punitively. For example, a chapter that falls short on the risk management portion of their Chapter Plan might be directed to coordinate a presentation on risk management for the benefit of the entire Greek community.

When a chapter is involved in proceeding with the Board, the national or international adviser of the representing organization will be notified in advance of the nature of proceedings as well as the outcome of the proceedings.

If facilitative measures have been exhausted, the Board holds the authority to impose various probations and, as a last resort, may recommend the removal of a chapter’s recognition by the university.

Two levels of appeal are available. Appeals should first be presented to Ryan Lovell, Senior Director of Parent and Family Relations and Greek Life. If an organization is not satisfied with the outcome of the first appeal, a second and final appeal may be made to the Vice President of Student Life.

Greek Progress Review Board Membership

  • Chair, Jessica Wilson, Graduate Associate Assistant
  • IFC President
  • MCGC President
  • NPHC President
  • PHA President
  • Greek Alumnae Representative
  • Greek Alumni Representative
  • OSU Staff/Faculty Representative