History of the Greek Life Task Force and Standards of Excellence

In Sept. 1998, the Vice President for Student Life charged the Office of Student Activities to form focus groups to assess the status of the Greek community at The Ohio State University. This assessment was requested based on his concern for the current state of the Greek community. Upon completion of this assessment, he created the Greek Life Task Force and charged this Task Force to formulate recommendations to change the current culture of the Greek community. The recommendations were to be completed by June 1999.

In April 1999, the Task Force completed a draft of the recommendations, entitled the Greek Life Task Force Report. This draft report was distributed to every student in the Greek community, Greek alumni, chapter advisers, chapter headquarters, staff and faculty. After receiving feedback regarding the draft report, adjustments were made to recognize the feedback, and the Task Force submitted a final version of the report to the Vice President on June 2, 1999.

In February 2000, two town meetings were called to discuss the final version of the report. Following the town meetings, the presidents of the three Greek community governing councils (Interfraternity Council, Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Association) were asked to submit their edits of the Task Force Report. The council presidents submitted their versions of the Report on April 11, 2000. These edited drafts were then merged together to form the finalized Greek Life Task Force Report. Upon Vice President William’s departure the Report was transferred to Bill Hall, Interim Vice President who approved the Report on Oct. 29, 2000.

After approval, several implementation committees converged to carry out the Greek Life Task Force recommendations. These committees focused on housing, deferred recruitment, chapter recognition and awards, programming, and overall implementation. In Spring of 2001, the recommendations from the original Greek Life Task Force Report were implemented.

Prior to implementation, a Greek Life survey was completed to assess the status of the Greek community prior to the implementation of the recommendations in the Greek Life Task Force Report (GLTFR). For a complete copy of the report, please visit http://studentlife.osu.edu/assessment/