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Greeks Go Global Overview:

This service-learning trip in partnership with Buck-I-SERV is for students of the four Greek councils at The Ohio State University: IFC, MCGC, NPHC and PHA. Students will strengthen their academic and intercultural understanding as servant leaders through community engagement. The trip will focus on the themes of education, service and the relevancy of these international issues for college students in Greek Life.

Greeks Go Global has a diverse past of previous trips to Africa, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic during winter break. These opportunities combine community service and excursions to provide a well-rounded experience in another country. This past winter 2016, Greeks Go Global went to Costa Rica to be fully submerged in the rural community of a Bribri tribe, close to the border of Panama. During the trip, we stayed in tents in the village and worked with community members on small-scale development projects. We also learned all about their unique culture and lifestyle. We also played soccer, taught English, played games with local children and learned about local issues. We even got a chance to practice our Spanish! Excursions included boat rides, white water rafting and a chance to chill out in a nearby beachtown; as well as sightseeing in the capital of San Jose.

Please feel free to contact the student trip leaders Jamie Schooler or Matt Wesley with any questions or requests for additional information!

Mountain Air and Village Service 2016 - 2017

Swim in the turquoise water and relax on the white sand beaches of the Dominican coast. Work alongside the welcoming Dominican community on infrastructure and water quality improvements while immersing yourself in island culture. Raft down whitewater rapids and hike to pristine waterfalls hidden within the country’s mountains. Enjoy the laid-back and welcoming nature of small town life.

2016/2017 Winter Break Location: Dominican Republic
Price: $2775 (can be made in payments)
Date: December 28th - January 6th 
For more information, see attached flier: Greeks Go Global 2016 - 2017