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Welcome to the Student Employment Experience 2015-2016 homepage for Ohio Union Events and Student Activities student employees!

On this page you'll find information about learning outcomes and training opportunities for all student employees. Working at the Ohio Union provides a number of benefits, including the opportunity to support lifelong learning and build transferable skills. In addition to your specific job responsibilities, the training opportunities listed here will help you be successful in your current job as well as far into the future.

Training Requirements

All Ohio Union Events and Student Activities student employees should participate in the following training experiences:
  • Training Workshops - attend one workshop per semester (sign up online below)
  • Open Doors training - attend modules once during your time as a student (not an annual requirement)
  • On-Boarding Session - for newly-hired students to attend within one semester of hire (any student may attend as a refresher)
  • Manager Meetings - for student managers, attend one per semester 
  • Student Employee Kickoff Event - held annually in August/September

Training Calendar

Use the links below to sign up for those training sessions you plan to attend.  Please sign up at least one week in advance. All sessions must have a minimum of ten (10) attendees, or they will be cancelled.

Learning Outcomes

The Ohio UnionEvents and Student Activities have identified six learning outcomes for all student employees. Based on CAS Standards and "Learning Reconsidered 2" these outcomes can be achieved through job-specific work, training workshops, academic courses and other experiential opportunities offered on- and off-campus.

  • Learning, Application, and Integration
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Intrapersonal Development
  • Interpersonal Development
  • Humanitarianism and Civic Engagement
  • Practical Competence

For more detailed information, access the Student Employee Learning Outcomes.