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There are many resources available to registered student organizations. From meeting spaces and marketing services to leadership and retreat opportunities, we encourage every student organization to take advantage of the resources available.

General Resources

Policies, Documents, and Links - A list of policies, documents and links relating to student organizations.

Resource Room - The Resource Room is available to all Ohio State students and student organizations. At this link you will find hours, services and pricing information for the Resource Room.

Workshops and Retreats

Workshop and Retreat Network - Use the Workshop and Retreat Network to request assistance from trained staff and student facilitators for meetings, training sessions, or retreats.

Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages - Coca-Cola Leadership Retreat Packages provide student organizations with a variety of resources including funding for consumable supplies and food, Coca-Cola beverages, experiential team activities and trained facilitators through Student Leadership Advocates (SLA).


Marketing Resources

Student Life Marketing Services - Student Life marketing provides student organizations with a wide range of marketing services including graphics, photography, video, promotional items and digital advertising free of charge. You can learn more about our individual services on the marketing website.

Advertising in the Lantern - Active student organizations are eligible for discounted advertising rates through The Lantern. Additional information about pricing will be available here soon!

Student Activity Fee Logo - Student organizations are supported by the student activity fee. You are welcome to put the student activity fee logo on your promotional materials.

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Technology Support

Websites - Active student organizations may request website space to be hosted through The Ohio State University. To request web space, presidents should login to the student organization management system to complete the online request form. Questions about FTP and other technical issues should be directed to (614) 688-HELP or  More information can be found on the student organization website informational page.

Listservs - A listserv is a list of e-mails that can be used to send the same message to a group of people via email. Listservs can be used to advertise your student organization's event or general membership. For more information, visit the Mailing List (Listserv) Application Website.*

Email Accounts - Student organizations may request an email account, representing their organization, to use for marketing and communication purposes. To request an email account, fill out the Organizational Account Application.*

The following steps are required to request an email account: (1) select Order Services, (2) select Messaging & Collaborative Services, (3) select Request Organizational Account/Distribution List.

*Only the organization's advisor will have access to submit the initial request.

Event Spaces and Catering

Student organizations can reserve meeting and event spaces in the Ohio Union at a discounted rate.

Student organizations are required to follow the Ohio Union’s policies and procedures when utilizing space or taking part in other activities. Please review the Ohio Union’s policies and procedures before utilizing event space and services.


The University's contract with Coca Cola prohibits the purchase of competitor products with university funds, and prohibits the distribution of competitor products on campus. The contract further provides students the opportunity to request Coca Cola products for programs or events, provided the request is submitted at least two weeks in advance. Requests can be submitted using the Coca-Cola Beverage Donation Request.

When purchasing beverages with university funds or for consumption on campus, please select from the following Coca-Cola brands:






Mello Yello




Dasani Water

PowerAde sports drinks

Vitamin Water

Minute Maid

Simply products


Gold Peak

Honest Tea



NOS Energy

Full Throttle Energy


 Campbell's V-8


Note: includes all diet, zero, and flavors associated with major labels