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The Resource Room is available to all Ohio State students and student organizations. At the Resource Room, students can print, create posters, purchase balloons, make buttons and more.

Contact: | (614) 292-8763

Summer Hours:
 Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
 Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED








Student Organizations: Active student organizations are allocated a line of credit worth $250.00 each year to be used in the Resource Room. Only registered and active organizations are eligible to use the resources listed below.

Students: Students not involved in an organization are eligible to use the services provided by the Resource Room. Individual students will not be given a line of credit. However, students will be able to purchase services and/or supplies from the Resource Room at the prices below.

Resource Room Pricing
Item Price   Item Price
Printing/Enlarging   Lamination/Binding
Copies B/W $0.05   Lamination 8.5 x 11 $1.00
Copies B/W on Color Paper/Cardstock $0.10   Lamination 11 x 17 $1.25
Copies B/W on 11x17 paper $0.25   Lamination Poster $5.00
Copies Color $0.20   Binding with Cover/Back $1.50
Copies Color on Color Paper/Cardstock $0.25      
Copies Color on 11x17 Paper $0.75   Balloons  
Poster - Thermal Enlargement $2.00   Balloon - Foil Weight $0.75
Poster - Digital Print $20.00   Balloon - Foil Print Weight $1.00
      Balloon - Brick Weight $1.00
Paper by the Ream     Balloon - 11" (Solid Color Latex) $1.00
Ream of Paper $5.00   Balloon - 11" (Imprinted Latex) $1.25
Ream of Cardstock $10.00   Balloon - 18" Foil $2.00
Ream of Color Paper $15.00   Balloon - 18" Happy Birthday Foil $2.50
      Balloon Arches and Columns  
Miscellaneous Services     Balloon - 12" Arch/ 3 per row $110.00
Envelopes $0.05   Balloon - 16" Arch/ 3 per row $140.00
Construction/Color Paper per sheet $0.05   Balloon - 20" Arch/ 3 per row $180.00
Cardstock per sheet $0.10   Balloon - 12" Arch/ 4 per row $132.00
Posterboard $0.75   Balloon - 16" Arch/ 4 per row $168.00
Post-it Sheets $1.00   Balloon - 20" Arch/ 4 per row $216.00
Post-it Pads $20.00   Balloon - 5" Column - 3 per row $45.00
Nametags $2.50   Balloon - 6" Column - 3 per row $55.00
Label Sheets (Address) $1.50   Balloon - 7" Column - 3 per row $65.00
Foam Core Board 30 x 20 (White) $5.00   Balloon - 8" Column - 3 per row $75.00
Tri-Fold Cardboard (White) $6.00   Balloon - 5" Column - 4 per row $54.00
Folder - 2 Pocket $0.15   Balloon - 6" Column - 4 per row $66.00
Folder - Manila  $0.05   Balloon - 7" Column - 4 per row $78.00
      Balloon - 8" Column - 4 per row $90.00
      *arches and columns may only be used within the Ohio Union and must be ordered at least 14 buisness days in advance of the event.  

As item availability permits, active student organizations will have unlimited use of butcher paper, Texas Markers, regular markers, rubber bands, Ellison Letter Cut-Outs, Circuit Machine, sidewalk chalk, paper folding machine, office supplies, arts & crafts supplies, video editing software, design of business cards, paper cutter and faxing and scanning machines. There is no cost to use these items.

The Resource Room has various books and tip sheets on leadership, teambuilding and structured experiences, as well as material that could be used for these purposes including: wiffle bats and balls, blindfolds, carpet squares, croquet and bocce sets, Frisbees, tarps, jump ropes, PVC pipe, tents, tinker toys, kick balls, volleyballs, footballs, bases and various ropes.

Assorted games are also available, including:

Apples to Apples Connect Four Pass the Popcorn Skip-Bo
Backgammon Cranium Password Sorry
Balderdash Croquet Set Phase 10 Sort It out
Bocce Ball Set Dominoes Pictionary Taboo
Candy Land Family Feud DVD Playing Cards Trivial Pursuit
Catchphrase Imaginiff Pop 5 Twister
Checkers Jenga Puzzles UNO
Chess Last Word Scattergories Worse-Case Scenario Survival Game
Chutes and Ladders Loaded Questions Scrabble Would You Rather
Clue Monopoly Sequence Yahtzee


Student leaders of active student organizations may check out any of the above materials, or our digital cameras, video cameras with tripods, bullhorns, bubble machine, bean bag toss games, Popcorn Machine, Snocone Machine, Wii Gaming System and associated supplies for up to ONE day with BuckID.

Student leaders of active student organizations may check out Laptops for use in the student lounge or in the Ohio Union for UP TO FOUR HOURS with BuckID.

Additional Resources

Resources and services not provided may be supported in a number of ways, including but not limited to: Operating Funds, member dues, fundraisers or partnerships with other campus departments or organizations.

Using the line of credit

Resource Room services may be used by any member who is listed on the roster of an active student organization. However, equipment checkout rules apply only to the three listed officers of the organization (president, secondary leader, treasurer).