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Registration is the process student organizations go through in order to be recognized by the university as a student organization. Existing student organizations must comete requirements for registration each year during the organization's registration window to maintain active status and to receive access to university funds and resources.

Why You Need to Register

Student organizations must complete registration requirements on an annual basis to be eligible to utilize university resources. Student organizations can fall under several statuses, which are based on the amount of time an organization has continuously completed the registration requirements.

Registration Statuses

Active: Registration is fully completed before the window is closed
New/Re-Established: organizations that have been registered for less than two (2) continuous years or organizations with less than 15 members; all registration requirements completed before the window is closed
Established: organizations that have been registered for at least two (2) continuous years and have at least 15 members; all registration requirements completed before the window is closed.  
                         Pending: Registration is in-progress and the window is still open
                        Organizations that are in the process of completing registration requirements for a given year;                           All organizations are listed in pending status during their registration window as requirements                             are being completed


Inactive: Registration is not fully completed and the window is closed
Organizations that have not completed all registration requirements by the last day of their annual registration window; This may include organizations that no longer exist as groups on campus. 

Unregistered: organizations that choose to be listed in the Student Organization Directory online, but do not complete all of the registration requirements and therefore, do not receive any benefits or resources available to student organizations

How to Register

Step 1: Register Your Student Organization and Determine Your Registration Window

Autumn Semester Window:
Aug 1 - Oct 15
Spring Semester Window:
Feb 15 - April 30

There are two student organization registration windows. All student organizations self select which registration window they prefer based on their officer selection and transition timeline. All registration requirements must be completed within the window in order to stay continuously registered and Active.

New student organizations can only begin the registration process during a registration window. New student organizations have 60 days or until the end of that window, whichever comes later, to complete the requirements to become registered and active.


Before registering: Review Guidelines for use of The Ohio State University's name and Identifying Marks

Step 2: Learn the Job | Training

All organizations must complete the following requirements in order to be registered and active:

  • Trainings for primary leader and treasurer completed annually based upon the registration year.  Each registration year begins the first day of the registration window.
  • Training for Advisor completed every 2 years
  • Online registration forms (see step 3)
  • Advisor approval of online registration and goals

Step 3: Complete Your Registration By Completing Online Registration Requirements To Become Active

Each student organization must meet several requirements in order to become a registered student organization. These requirements include:

Check out the Student Organization Annual Registration infographic [PDF]
  • The organization's purpose statement and mailing address
  • At least 5 Ohio State student members
  • Names and contact information for three student leaders serving as officers (including Ohio State name.#). All student organizations are required to have a president, treasurer and secondary leader
  • Faculty or staff Advisor name and contact information (including OSU name.#).
  • An electronic copy of the organization's constitution in PDF or Word format. A Sample Student Organization Constitution is available for your reference.
  • An electronic copy of a roster with names and email addresses of members.


The following video will be helpful to you in navigating the content management system.

Step 4: Get Your Advisor's Approvals

Online advisor approvals are needed for registration and goals. For more information, visit the Advisor page.

Get Started

Register a New Student Organization

If a student organization you want to join does not exist, we welcome you to create your own. Keep in mind that new student organizations must not duplicate the purpose of currently existing student organizations. New organizations must complete the requirements to register their organization within 60 days of starting the online process or until the end of that registration window, whichever comes later. New student organizations are only able to be registered during a registration window. 

*Register a new student organization beginning August 1 - check here for the link on that date.

Renew Registration for an Existing Student Organization

Renewing your registration for another year? Login to Student Organization Management