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Name Affiliation  
Adventist Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
African American Voices Gospel Choir Religious/Spiritual  
Ahmadiyya Muslim Student Association Religious/Spiritual  
Aish Campus Leaders Religious/Spiritual  
Alive Religious/Spiritual  
All Nations Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. Religious/Spiritual  
Athletes in Action Religious/Spiritual  
Awaken Religious/Spiritual  
Baha'i Campus Association at Ohio State University Religious/Spiritual  
Bridges International Religious/Spiritual  
Buckeye Believers Religious/Spiritual  
Buckeye Catholics Religious/Spiritual  
Buckeye Student Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Buckeyes for Christ Religious/Spiritual  
Buddhist Dhamma Society Religious/Spiritual  
Buddhist Study and Practice Group at The Ohio State University Religious/Spiritual  
Campus Bible Fellowship (Encounter With Christ) Religious/Spiritual  
Campus Bible Fellowship: by Encounter With Christ Religious/Spiritual  
Campus Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Catholic Medical Association Religious/Spiritual  
Chabad House Religious/Spiritual  
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Chinese Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Bible study and fellowship group Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Dental Association Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Graduate Student Alliance Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Legal Society Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Medical and Dental Association, Medical Student Chapter Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Pharmacy Fellowship International Student Chapter Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Science Organization at The Ohio State University Religious/Spiritual  
Christian Veterinary Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Christians on Campus Religious/Spiritual  
Christians United for Israel at OSU Religious/Spiritual  
Coalition for Christian Outreach Religious/Spiritual  
Disciples on Campus Religious/Spiritual  
Elohim Bible Study Religious/Spiritual  
Faith Hope Love Religious/Spiritual  
Falun Dafa Practice Group Religious/Spiritual  
Fellowship of Campus Unitarian UniversalistS Religious/Spiritual  
Fellowship of Christian Optometrists Religious/Spiritual  
Fisher Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Friday Nighters Religious/Spiritual  
Ghost Hunting Ohio United Legion Religious/Spiritual  
Global Community Church Religious/Spiritual  
Go Ahead Ask Religious/Spiritual  
Greek Cru Student Ministry Religious/Spiritual  
H2O Students Religious/Spiritual  
Indian Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Interfaith and Humanist Circle at the College of Medicine Religious/Spiritual  
International Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
International Student Movement Religious/Spiritual  
International Student Movement InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
InterVarsity LaFe Religious/Spiritual  
J. Reuben Clark Law Society Religious/Spiritual  
Jacob's Porch's Students Religious/Spiritual  
Joshua House Religious/Spiritual  
Journey Campus Ministry Religious/Spiritual  
Jump-Off Religious/Spiritual  
Kappa Phi Club Religious/Spiritual  
Kedma Religious/Spiritual  
Kesher Religious/Spiritual  
King Ave. United Methodist Campus Ministry Religious/Spiritual  
Kingdom University Religious/Spiritual  
Latter-Day Saint Student Association Religious/Spiritual  
Lighthouse Religious/Spiritual  
Love Beyond Measure Religious/Spiritual  
LoveOSU Religious/Spiritual  
Maimonides Society of OSUCOM Religious/Spiritual  
Muslim Students' Association Religious/Spiritual  
New Revelations Religious/Spiritual  
newlife Religious/Spiritual  
Oasis Christian Community Religious/Spiritual  
Orthodox Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Overflow Religious/Spiritual  
Ratio Christi Religious/Spiritual  
Reaching Engineers and Architects for Christ's Honor at Ohio State Religious/Spiritual  
Real Life- Cru Religious/Spiritual  
Reformed Christian Students Religious/Spiritual  
Rock City Campus Group Religious/Spiritual  
Saint Paul's Outreach Catholic Student Group Religious/Spiritual  
Schottenstein Student Center Religious/Spiritual  
Secular Student Alliance @ The Ohio State University Religious/Spiritual  
Shoresh Religious/Spiritual  
Sikh Student Association Religious/Spiritual  
Soka Spirit Buddhist Club Religious/Spiritual  
St. Stephen's Episcopal Campus Ministry Religious/Spiritual  
Student Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Student group of Jehovah's Witnesses Religious/Spiritual  
Students For Dialogue Religious/Spiritual  
Summit Students Religious/Spiritual  
The Navigators Religious/Spiritual  
The Scholastics' Society Religious/Spiritual  
The Thomas Society Religious/Spiritual  
The Way Campus Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
UKirk Presbyterian Ministry Religious/Spiritual  
University Bible Fellowship Religious/Spiritual  
Young Apostolic Students for Christ Religious/Spiritual  
Young Life Religious/Spiritual  
Young Timothy Christian Fellowship Religious/Spiritual