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Name Affiliation  
African Youth League Ethnic/Cultural  
African-African American Leadership Consortium Ethnic/Cultural  
American Culture Club for International Students at the Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
American Indian Council Ethnic/Cultural  
American Indian Science and Engineering Society Ethnic/Cultural  
Arabian Gulf Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Arabic Language and Culture Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Armenian Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Asian American Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Asian American InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Ethnic/Cultural  
Asian Culture Inspiration Ethnic/Cultural  
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Baltic Club at The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Band of Brothers Ethnic/Cultural  
Bangladesh Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Black Graduate and Professional Student Caucus Ethnic/Cultural  
Black Law Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Black MBA Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Black Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Brown Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Buckeye Adopted Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Buckeye Beyond Society Ethnic/Cultural  
Buckeye Bhangra Ethnic/Cultural  
Buckeyes For Recovery Ethnic/Cultural  
Bulgarska Roza Ethnic/Cultural  
Chad Delton United League Ethnic/Cultural  
Chinese American Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Chinese Business Professional Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Chinese Circle of Communication Ethnic/Cultural  
Chinese Martial Arts Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Chinese Student and Scholar Society Ethnic/Cultural  
Colorful Women in the Academy Ethnic/Cultural  
Coptic Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Council of Black Students in Administration Ethnic/Cultural  
Culinary Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Culture Oriented Communication Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
DISCO Graduate Caucus Ethnic/Cultural  
Divine Youth Associates Ethnic/Cultural  
Ethiopian & Eritrean Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Fisher Indian Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Fisher Latino Graduate Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Food and Culture Club Ethnic/Cultural  
FootPrint Club Ethnic/Cultural  
GALA: Graduate Association of Latin@/Latin American Students Ethnic/Cultural  
Genesis Dance Team Ethnic/Cultural  
German Club at the Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Global China Connection Ethnic/Cultural  
Graduate Pan-Asian Caucus Ethnic/Cultural  
Gujarati Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Hapa Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Hellenic Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Hillel Graduate and Professional Students Ethnic/Cultural  
Hillel Student Board of Trustees Ethnic/Cultural  
Hindi Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Hindu Youth for Unity, Virtues, and Action Ethnic/Cultural  
Hispanic Student Dental Association at The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Hong Kong Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Indian American Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Indian Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Indonesian Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
International Friendships Ethnic/Cultural  
International Law Society Ethnic/Cultural  
International Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
International Transfer Student Community Ethnic/Cultural  
InterVarsity: Black Student Movement Ethnic/Cultural  
Iranian Cultural Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Irish Society Ethnic/Cultural  
Italian Club at Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Jewish Law Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Jewish Queers and Allies Ethnic/Cultural  
Jews on Campus Ethnic/Cultural  
Karaoke Club Ethnic/Cultural  
KOACH Ethnic/Cultural  
Korean International Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Korean Language and Involvement Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Korean Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Kuwaiti Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Ladies of Leadership Ethnic/Cultural  
Laotian American Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Latino Law Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Latino Medical Student Association at The Ohio State University Medical Center Ethnic/Cultural  
Latino Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Le Cercle Français Ethnic/Cultural  
Lebanese Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Libyan Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Macedonian-American Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Malaysian Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
MD Camp at The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Medical Students of Diversity Ethnic/Cultural  
Men With Purpose Ethnic/Cultural  
Middle Eastern Law Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Multicultural Public Health Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Multicultural Students in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences Ethnic/Cultural  
Namaste Bollywood Ethnic/Cultural  
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Ethnic/Cultural  
National Association of Black Accountants Ethnic/Cultural  
National Optometric Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
National Society of Black Engineers Ethnic/Cultural  
Nepalese Students Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Nurses of Character Ethnic/Cultural  
One Bead Non-Profit Ethnic/Cultural  
Organization of Arab Students Ethnic/Cultural  
OSU Drag Show Ethnic/Cultural  
OSUid Speakers Bureau Ethnic/Cultural  
Pakistani American Students' Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Pilipino Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Polish Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Puerto Rican Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Punjabi Students Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Raas Club Dance Team @ OSU Ethnic/Cultural  
RUACH - Cultural Israel Programing Ethnic/Cultural  
Saudi Students Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
SHADES (Buckeye Chapter) Ethnic/Cultural  
Sigma Epsilon Phi - The Orthodox Students of The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Sin Inglés Spanish Conversation Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Singapore Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Slovenian Buckeye Society Ethnic/Cultural  
Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth Ethnic/Cultural  
Society of Minority Scientists Ethnic/Cultural  
Society of Sisters Ethnic/Cultural  
Somali Students' Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Spanish Transformative Awareness through Recreational Spirit Ethnic/Cultural  
Sri Lankan Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Strength Unity and Respect Ethnic/Cultural  
Student Ambassadors for The Ohio State College of Nursing Ethnic/Cultural  
Student National Dental Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Students Helping Honduras Ethnic/Cultural  
Students Hosting Overseas Chinese Connection Ethnic/Cultural  
Swahili Club at Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
Taiwanese American Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Taiwanese Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
TEAgether Ethnic/Cultural  
Thai Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
The Bridge Activities Board Ethnic/Cultural  
The Food Challenge Club Ethnic/Cultural  
The Go Hungry Movement Ethnic/Cultural  
The Institute for Africana Methodologies Ethnic/Cultural  
The Japanese Student Organization at The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
The Portuguese Club at Ohio State Ethnic/Cultural  
THE Russian Club Ethnic/Cultural  
The Ukrainian Society of The Ohio State University Ethnic/Cultural  
The YSP Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Turkish Cultural Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Turkish Students' Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Undergraduate Black Law Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Undergraduate Chinese Student Organization Ethnic/Cultural  
Undergraduate Student National Dental Association Ethnic/Cultural  
University-wide Council of Hispanic Organizations Ethnic/Cultural  
Urdu Club Ethnic/Cultural  
Veterinary Students as One in Culture and Ethnicity Ethnic/Cultural  
Vietnamese International Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
Vietnamese Student Association Ethnic/Cultural  
World Food and Culture Club Ethnic/Cultural