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1 Day For The K.I.A., Inc. Awareness/Activism  
1girl Awareness/Activism  
Abilities: An Alliance of Students With and Without Disabilities Awareness/Activism  
Active Minds at Ohio State Awareness/Activism  
Advocates For Children Awareness/Activism  
Advocates for Inclusion and Diversity through Education Awareness/Activism  
Allies for Diversity Awareness/Activism  
American Association of University Women Awareness/Activism  
American Civil Liberties Union: Moritz Chapter at OSU Awareness/Activism  
American Constitution Society Awareness/Activism  
American Medical Student Association - Premedical Chapter Awareness/Activism  
Amnesty International OSU Awareness/Activism  
Anti-Human Trafficking Club at The Ohio University Awareness/Activism  
Art Of Living Club Awareness/Activism  
Asia's Hope Chapter: The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Association for India's Development Awareness/Activism  
Autism Speaks U at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Awareness/Activism  
Babes For Bullies Awareness/Activism  
Bangladesh Genocide Awareness Council Awareness/Activism  
Benjamin Rush Institute Awareness/Activism  
Better Together Movement Awareness/Activism  
Body Sense Awareness/Activism  
Bringing Environmental Awareness to Students Awareness/Activism  
Buckeye Blackout Awareness/Activism  
Buckeye Campaign Against Suicide Awareness/Activism  
Buckeye Library Project Awareness/Activism  
BuckeyeFEMM Awareness/Activism  
BuckeyeINC Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes 4 Genetic & Idiopathic Information Awareness Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes Against Alzheimers Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Books for Africa Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Canines Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Cleveland Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Green Solutions Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Hillary Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Israel Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Life Awareness/Activism  
Buckeyes for Mid-Ohio Workers Awareness/Activism  
Campus Sustainability Advocates Awareness/Activism  
Central Ohio Student Advocates for the Arts Awareness/Activism  
Coalition of Students Advocating for Individuals with Disabilities Awareness/Activism  
College Democrats Awareness/Activism  
College Republicans Awareness/Activism  
Columbus Social Welfare Action Alliance Awareness/Activism  
comBIne Awareness/Activism  
Committee for Justice in Palestine Awareness/Activism  
E-Sports Initiative Awareness/Activism  
End Famine Awareness/Activism  
End It Movement Awareness/Activism  
End Suffering Awareness/Activism  
Engineering Allies Awareness/Activism  
Engineers for a Sustainable World Awareness/Activism  
Ethics & Morals in Business Society Awareness/Activism  
Federalist Society Awareness/Activism  
FeelGood Awareness/Activism  
Fine By Me Awareness/Activism  
Five-Year Freeze Initiative Awareness/Activism  
For a Better Ohio Awareness/Activism  
Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children Awareness/Activism  
Free the Planet Awareness/Activism  
Friends of Teach For America Awareness/Activism  
Global Health Initiative Awareness/Activism  
Global Nutrition Club at Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Global Undergraduate Fellows Awareness/Activism  
Growing Green at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Growth International Volunteer Excursion Awareness/Activism  
H2O for Life: A Clean Water Project Awareness/Activism  
Harry Potter Alliance Awareness/Activism  
Holocaust Awareness Council Awareness/Activism  
Honoring Individual Rights in Education Awareness/Activism  
Hunger To Hope Awareness/Activism  
I Am That Girl: The Ohio State University Local Chapter Awareness/Activism  
Imp(act) Awareness/Activism  
International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
International Justice Mission Awareness/Activism  
International Socialist Organization Awareness/Activism  
International Student Union Awareness/Activism  
International Youth Fellowship Awareness/Activism  
Invisible Children Columbus Awareness/Activism  
ISKCON Yoga Circle Awareness/Activism  
Islamic Professional Student Association Awareness/Activism  
Israel Action Committee Awareness/Activism  
It's Abuse Awareness/Activism  
J Street U at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Jewish Environmental Coalition Awareness/Activism  
John Glenn Civic Leadership Council Awareness/Activism  
Keep A Child Alive--The OSU Chapter Awareness/Activism  
Law School Democrats Awareness/Activism  
Law School Republicans Awareness/Activism  
Lean In On Campus Awareness/Activism  
LGBT & Allies in Medicine Awareness/Activism  
Liberty in North Korea Rescue Team Awareness/Activism  
Life as We Know It: TBI awareness and support Awareness/Activism  
Local Matters Student Ambassadors Awareness/Activism  
Local Organic Cooking Organization Awareness/Activism  
Made In China Awareness/Activism  
March of Dimes Collegiate Council Awareness/Activism  
Maximin Ambassadors Awareness/Activism  
Maximin Student Organization Awareness/Activism  
Mediators Beyond Borders Awareness/Activism  
Medical Students for Choice Awareness/Activism  
Medical Students for Haiti Awareness/Activism  
Medical Students for Life Awareness/Activism  
Micki Zartman Scarlet and Gray Ag Day Awareness/Activism  
Middle East Studies Club Awareness/Activism  
Military Law Students' Association Awareness/Activism  
MMOREawareness Awareness/Activism  
Moritz Education Law Society Awareness/Activism  
Multi-Partisan Coalition at Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Multicultural Understanding Through Non-Traditional Discovery Opportunities at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Muslim Community Coalition Awareness/Activism  
MWANAFUNZI Awareness/Activism  
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) at OSU Awareness/Activism  
Network of Enlightened Women Awareness/Activism  
No Labels- The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Nourish International Awareness/Activism  
Ohio Rights Group Awareness/Activism  
Ohio Student PIRG Awareness/Activism  
One Block At A Time Awareness/Activism  
oneVOICE4freedom:students Awareness/Activism  
Operation Buckeye at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Operation Smile Club Awareness/Activism  
Organization For Accessible Water Awareness/Activism  
Out in Business Awareness/Activism  
OutLaws at The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law Awareness/Activism  
Oxfam America at Ohio State Awareness/Activism  
Parkinson's Disease Awareness Awareness/Activism  
Partners in Health Engage at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Peace Studies Society Awareness/Activism  
Peer Advocates for Total Health Awareness/Activism  
Perspectives in Education Initiative Awareness/Activism  
Physicians for Human Rights Awareness/Activism  
POINT at OSU (formerly known as ONELIFE) Awareness/Activism  
Pre-Medical American Medical Student Association Awareness/Activism  
Pride OSU Awareness/Activism  
Project Green Awareness/Activism  
Project Green Room-Ohio State Awareness/Activism  
Project Hope Awareness/Activism  
Project Nur-A Light on Campus Awareness/Activism  
Queer in Flux Awareness/Activism  
Radical Graduate Student Working Group Awareness/Activism  
Raising Issues & Taking Action Awareness/Activism  
RAs for Progressive Change Awareness/Activism  
Reaching Out for Animal Rights Awareness/Activism  
Repower America Awareness/Activism  
Ride for World Health Awareness/Activism  
Scooters For Sustainability Awareness/Activism  
Secular Legal Society Awareness/Activism  
SEE US Awareness/Activism  
She's The First*{OSU} Awareness/Activism  
Slow Food on Campus at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Social Justice Alliance Awareness/Activism  
Society for Civil Debate Awareness/Activism  
SPEAK Awareness/Activism  
Splash: Sustenance Awareness/Activism  
STAND: A Student Anti-Genocide Coalition Awareness/Activism  
Student Advocates for Down Syndrome Awareness/Activism  
Student Farmers Coalition Awareness/Activism  
Students 4 A Healthy Campus Awareness/Activism  
Students for a Sustainable Campus Awareness/Activism  
Students for Education Reform Awareness/Activism  
Students for Environmental Action Awareness/Activism  
Students for Equal Access Awareness/Activism  
Students for Fair Trade at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Students for Sensible Drug Policy Awareness/Activism  
Students for Stinziano Awareness/Activism  
Students United for Public Education Awareness/Activism  
Sun-damage Prevention Force Awareness/Activism  
Sustainability Team Awareness/Activism  
Sustained Dialogue Awareness/Activism  
Teach a Child, Inspire a Life Awareness/Activism  
TEDxOhioStateUniversity Awareness/Activism  
The Campaign for BDS at Ohio State Awareness/Activism  
The College of Pharmacy Chili Cook-Off Awareness/Activism  
The Collegiate Cattlewomen's Club of Ohio State Awareness/Activism  
The Critical Media Literacy Society Awareness/Activism  
The Empower Campaign Awareness/Activism  
The Generation Rx Collaborative Awareness/Activism  
The Global Nutrition Club Awareness/Activism  
the Happiness Club at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
The Laissez-Faire Syndicate, The Ohio State University Chapter Awareness/Activism  
The ONE Campaign OSU Chapter Awareness/Activism  
The Pro-Life Club at The Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
The School Funding Project Awareness/Activism  
The Self Defense Club Awareness/Activism  
The Sierra Club Student Coalition Awareness/Activism  
The Supply Awareness/Activism  
To Write Love on Her Arms Chapter Awareness/Activism  
TOMS Club Awareness/Activism  
Trap Shooting and Shotgun Club Awareness/Activism  
Undergraduate Sexuality Studies Committee Awareness/Activism  
UNICEF-OSU Awareness/Activism  
United Nations Association: Campus Advocates Awareness/Activism  
United Students Against Sweatshops Awareness/Activism  
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines Awareness/Activism  
Unplugging Society: Women of Color Think Tank Awareness/Activism  
Uplifting Athletes Awareness/Activism  
V-Day at OSU Awareness/Activism  
VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at the Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
We Are The 99% Student Movement Awareness/Activism  
Women and Allies Rising in Resistance Awareness/Activism  
Women in Math and Science Awareness/Activism  
Women's Initiative for Strength & Empowerment Awareness/Activism  
Women's Legal Society Awareness/Activism  
Writing on the Wall at the Ohio State University Awareness/Activism  
Young Americans for Liberty, The Ohio State University Chapter Awareness/Activism